Why We Help

We believe in helping people, startups, projects and causes to create aggregate social and economic impact that helps others to develop, launch and grow their ventures. Learn more...

Who We Are

We are enterprise champions and community builders who lead and support some of the most high-impact enterprise initiatives and ventures in the world. Meet our Team...

What We Do

We work as community-builders within local to international entrepreneurial ecosystems to create strong partnerships and collaborative initiatives between startups, non-profits, investors and brands.

Who We Work With

At Empact Ventures, we support our clients (first row) and startups to develop and grow their initiatives/ventures, while working with our partners (bottom row) that want to work in a collaborative manner to support those clients.

Latest News

Below is a selection of latest news and blogs featuring our clients, ventures and projects:


I-COM Data Startup Challenge 2017

Empact Vetures is delighted to announce it is an Innovation Partner of the I-COM Data Startup Challenge 2017. The I-COM summit will take pla


Media Coverage: Bringing car repair into the 21st century

Entrepreneur Andrew Jervis is bringing the car repair industry into the 21st century with the launch of ClickMechanic, ‘the Uber for mechanics.


Media coverage: The online marketplace connecting people with mechanics

ClickMechanic was first conceived after Andrew Jervis identified a lack of trust in the relationships between mechanics and their customers, with

Centre for Entrepreneurs (UK – London)

Blog: Surveying the sector: what are universities doing to support entrepreneurial students?

For any group working towards a shared goal, reliable information – on how effectively members of the group are achieving that goal, and on how

How we can Help

We take an impact-first approach to helping entrepreneurial organisations, startups and non-profits to achieve growth and sustainability by:

Advising & Training

To become enterprise leaders within their sector, industry and/or ecosystem on the local to international level

Developing Partnerships

To create credibility, brand awareness, distribution / traction through strategic and collaborative partnerships

Delivering Initiatives

To create social impact by designing and delivering enterprise initiatives, campaigns, programmes & events

Developing New Ventures

To create new startup products and services that create entrepreneurial impact and change

Growing Existing Ventures

To support startups to create traction and explore new business opportunities that create growth

Supporting Non-Profits

To help charities & social enterprises to address their challenges & maximise opportunities to grow further

Our Recommendations

The below is a selections of recommendations from our current / past clients and partners on what its like working with Empact Ventures and our team on projects, ventures and causes:

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